Guidelines for Subscription services (Onlyfans, and more)

Ebonynsweet laid out an List of Guidelines that’s tested and proven to help Amateur Models reach their full potential. To achieve the most success, follow these tips at the best of your abilities. I based this list on witnessing some of the critical mistakes/errors that inexperienced Models have made over the last 24 months.


Most beginners make the mistake in posting only short 10 to 30 second video clips which are more suited for promotional purposes on tumblr,  instagram or twitter. For-Paid Content should give your fans an much better experience. This is accomplished by posting real videos that your fans can actually sit down and enjoy. Understand the habits of the people that are consuming your content. Most of your fans will be Male. And men mostly use pornography to masturbate/cum. It’s extremely difficult to cum viewing short video clips, so you will need to post longer videos to give your fans the full experience that they deserve.

  •  Long video clips should be atleast (5-8 minutes in length or longer).
  • Short video clips should be atleast (2-3 minutes in length). Caution: If you mostly post short clips, you would need to post more frequently to reach the quota.
  • Full photo sets: Each set should include atleast 3-5 photos and will count as (1)  video toward your weekly quota. You can rest in-between video uploads and post the photo-sets to take a break from recording.

You will need to make space on your handheld  device to record “Longer” videos and start practicing good storage management. You can use cloud services such as drop box,  Google Drive, or One  Drive, icloud, etc or backup your files on a schedule to your PC. 

Are you ready to launch? 
Don’t officially launch your page instill you have uploaded atleast 1 week’s worth of content. Your subscribers won’t appreciate paying to see an empty page. Based on the chart above at an Minimum you should post an combined total of 15 – 20 minutes worth of content. Note: I have seen several models post dozens of shorter 15-30 second clips within a week and was unable to reach the quota. So be aware of the the Length (time) of each Video, it’s very important! Make sure you post “real” videos that fans can actually sit-back and enjoy.

Stay Active
Be Consistent! Never go longer than a couple days without posting. Your subscription page will gain value as you “build content” over time. The more videos & photos you uploaded onto your account the more attractive it becomes to potential consumers.

Customer Service
Answer your fan’s messages in a timely manner (usually around 12-24 hours). Don’t ignore paying customers! No business can be successful with an lack of commutation. Larger businesses on a corporate level have Customer service representatives designated for those duties, but a smaller business will have to do that work on their own, or get a friend to help out.

Never charge extra fees!!!!!! (Important)  subscribers are already paying to see you nude. So choose an  price-point that makes it worth your while, don’t price gouge.  Setting up your subscription too high will make people think twice about joining. Base your prices on some of these factors:  Popularity, frequency of posts, quality and request fulfillment. Tips should always remain (Optional).

If your page is Non-Nude (G-rated PG-13) please state that clearly in your description. If you are a fitness/Erotic model and have posed in semi nude photoshoots in the past, your fans will expect to see Full Nudity and masturbation/jerk off videos on your onlyfans page. If not, clearly state that from the beginning. Don’t mislead your fans.

Fans will be pushy! Be assertive, but never rude.Try your best to find the common ground on any issue. Always try to find a equal ground.

Several fans will be “cautions Shoppers” and may contact you to ask questions about your subscription. Be prepared! Never ignore them. Each time you ignore an potential customer you lose revenue.

You can’t do it alone! There’s alot of bloggers that support pornographic material on social media. And one of those blogs is  Ebonynsweet!

Bad reviews can hurt your reputation and make your business suffer. Always listen to your customer’s feedback and try your best to improve each day. NEVER BELIEVE THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING! YOU DON’T. Make an honest effort to satisfy your customer’s needs within reason. Good reviews equals more Money! So do everything within your power to make them happy.

Need more assistance? Email me at for more advice.

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