Do’s and Don’ts for Making Onlyfans Videos


What you shouldn’t Do

DON’T rely on your equipment and technology as a substitute for good technique.
Fantastic equipment and editing software cannot make a good video by itself. Quality viewing angles and lighting will produce a better video than lousy special effects.

DON’T take your audience for granted.
It’s your job to sexually satisfy your audience.

DON’T be too static.
Avoid experiencing brain-freeze. Have fun and try different ideas.

DON’T be too restless.
Constant zooming, panning or cutting between moving shots can give your viewers a headache. An easy-to-view single shoot with minimum movement will allow the audience to focus better on the video and bust a great nut.
DON’T shoot from a close angle.
Be aware of every inch of space. Don’t let your face or head move out the frame.

What you should Do

DO have good lighting.
Good lighting is one of the largest determining factor in the quality of your video. Well-lit areas with an average camera will produce a better picture than a poorly-lit shot with a high-quality camera.

DO use a tripod.

Adult video has to be controlled to be interesting. Otherwise, it’s just a shaky video. Use a camera phone tripod or other stabilization techniques. 

DO plan.
To ensure the video will turn out as expected. Plan the shoot and test the location’s viewing angles. Make sure your body & face are fully visible in the frame before you begin the session. 

DO keep it organized.
Create a system to organization your past footage. This will help stop you from mistakenly uploading the same file.  

DO emphasize the visuals.
If you watch professional porn, you’ll notice that you can always see wide-shots displaying the Model’s full-body and face. Keep close-up shots at a minimum.

DO keep it Long and concise.
If you are recording a jerk-off, workout or shower video, then 5 to 8 minutes would be concise. Base the length of each video on its ability to bring sexual satisfaction to a male audience. Remember, your main audience is primarily gay or bisexual men. And they will watch porn while masturbating. Short 
videos will not be efficient.

DO make decisions based on the audience’s sexual needs and/or desires and not yours.
The video is really for them, not you. Ask yourself, Who will be watching your videos? What do you want them to do as a result of viewing your video? Then ask, what is the most critical thing you can show them to reach this outcome? That is your objective.

DO vary your shots.
Variety keeps your audience awake. Keep it fresh. And don’t be scared to try new things. Your audience is paying to see you nude. That’s the easy part. Be transparent. And allow your audience to get a inside look into your world. 

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