Redroarz Onlyfans Review

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Start Date: November 6th, 2018
Total Photos: 155
Total Videos: 131
Total Video Running Time: 46 minutes, 40 seconds 

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2 1/2 out of 5 stars
Poor Rating


  • Displays Full Frontal Nudity/w Face
  • Slim/Toned Physique
  • Posts Frequently


  • Extremely short clips
  • Extra Fees

Summary: After reviewing Redroarz for 2 weeks and fully evaluating his content. We sadly cannot recommend his subscription at this time.

It’s always disappointing when such a talented entertainer don’t live up to our expectations. When you first join his page, you will notice very quickly that none of his videos are over 2 minutes in length. Here’s the quick breakdown:

Under 1 minutes (129)
Between 1-2 Minutes (3)

Although Redbroarz do post frequently, which is great. All of he’s videos are low quality. He don’t spend much time or energy producing his content. It’s rushed. And it also seems like he gets bored very quickly. It’s obvious that he would much rather perform in-front of a live audience, instead of behind a computer screen.

There’s also an list of extra fees:

Cum shots –  $10
Personal video – tip $12
Fetish – $15/$30 quote
Ass pics – $6
Ass video – tip $20
Skype –  $25 for 5mins “CHAT”

We believe that Cum shots, ass pics & videos should automatically come with his subscription. Why else would you join? Charging extra fees for things that should already be included isn’t a good strategy.

Suggestions: To improve, we recommend that redroarz completely remove the perception and/or bad advice that he received from his friend casanovauk. It’s not completely his fault, he simply learned how to run a onlyfans page the incorrect way. Ultimately, it’s his responsibility to learn from his mistakes to improve.

Onlyfans is NOT snapchat or twitter. He needs to understand that he can upload REAL videos longer than 2 minutes. He has unlimited space available with no limitations. He can upload files as large as 2gigs. He needs to take full advantage of this ability and give his fans an more immersive experience.

After a year, he should have atleast 12 hours worth of videos on his page but he only accumulated less than 1 hour. That’s because he’s fixated on uploading short videos less than 20 seconds.

In Conclusion, we believe Redroaz is a talented guy with a beautiful personality. But it’s business, we can’t overlook his deficiencies. If he takes our advice and start uploading longer videos he could pull a complete 180° overnight.

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