Edidion releases his new single “BUGATTI” Listen Now!

Edidion is a UK Nigerian R&B recording artist on the rise. Born in London, his interest in music began at a very young age. He decided to pursue music as a solo artist at 17 yrs old. It began, performing dance moves at school talent shows and weddings, which helped him overcome his shyness. It encouraged him to get out in front of people more, gaining more confidence. Legendary singers Usher, Prince, and Michael Jackson were his musical influences. In his new single “BUGATTI,” we see the fun and bossy side of Edidion. He pulled from real-life experiences—dealing with bullying and low-self esteem. And gaining confidence through self-love and owning your inner greatness. Listen Now:


 We had the opportunity to get to know Edidion during our Q/A Session. Check it out below.

What are some of the Challenges of being an Independent Artist?

Budget limitations, juggling life’s responsibilities while trying to maintain a music career and getting seen by the right people. I’m a very creative person, when I write songs I also see concepts in my head and I’ve had to put a lot of those ideas on pause simply because I don’t have the money to create them. I feel like there is a stigma about unsigned artists, people don’t take you seriously until someone with a major platform or a big name co-signs you or makes a post about you and it can make you feel invisible. Consistency is definitely key but if you’re working a 9-5 job or you’re a university student, which I currently am it’s not easy to constantly put out content and that means you have to work twice as hard to remain somewhat relevant musically.  


What do you hope to bring or contribute to the music industry?
For the new generation and beyond I want to bring authenticity, creativity and a go against the stereotypes of what a black male entertainer should look like and sound like. I grew up admiring game changers like Prince, Usher and Michael Jackson. My goal is to be as iconic as my predecessors but in my own special way. When people listen to my musical catalog so far they will see that I am a versatile artist. I like to experiment with fashion too, I feel that the music industry is missing the presence of a R&B/Pop male superstar and I feel that I have what it takes to fill that void. When I wrote my new single “BUGATTI” I knew that it had radio appeal and it could do well on both pop and urban formats. I’m in a place in my career where it’s time to show people why I am qualified to be the next R&B king respectfully.  


How did t Feel when you heard your song on the radio for the very first time?


When I heard my song playing on the radio for the first time I was really excited, it felt like an out-of-body-experience. I went through a lot growing up, I’ve had people estimate that I wouldn’t go nowhere in life and I’ll be yet another statistic so to reach a place in my life where a song that I wrote and recorded is playing on a radio station was a fulfilling and validating experience. Music is my first love, it’s something I’m very passionate about and I’m a fan of other artists so to sit back and hear my own voice on the airwaves felt like a dream.


Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?


I would like to work with Jason Derulo, Usher, Lil’ Kim and Cardi B.


What is your favorite food?
Caribbean food, Nigerian food, pizza, Häagen-Dazs ice-cream, and toast.  
How would you define yourself as an artist?


Versatile, game-changer, risk-taker, performer, relatable and creative.


When do you feel most inspired to create music?  


I’m always inspired to make music, there are many stories to tell, people need motivation and I love providing that through my music. I had no intention to make any music this year, 2020 so far has been a roller coaster to put it lightly. I took a social media break and my fans came looking for me and asked for new music which gave me the inspiration to get back in the studio and create. Music is so powerful, whether you’re happy or sad people need a soundtrack to their lives.


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