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Justin Garner Opens up and Speaks Music, Future Plans, Influences and more | Q&A Session

We had the chance to catch up with R&B Sensation Justin Garner for a special impromptu Valentine’s Day💗 Q&A session. Garner speaks about his musical influences, future plans, and more.

Are you signed or Independent?
I am independent and surrounded by a great team of music professionals with years in the business. Justin Garner LLC is my company and handles all of my artist and business affairs.

Where are you located? And what is your birthplace? I am located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was born and raised in Plaquemine, LA, just 35 minutes from New Orleans.

How old are you? Let’s just say I’m on my grown man status.  

Do you write your music? Yes, I write all of my music solely.
Tell us about your new song.“Heartthrob” is my new single, and it’s a vibe. Produced by Cedric Ivory, the single dropped February 5th and was well received by fans and new listeners alike. The sound is a departure from my typical style and serves as a fresh new start to where I’m at musically. I’ve grown so much as an artist and songwriter during this pandemic. I used the Tim, while in quarantine, to level up and truly hone into who I wanted to be as an artist and person in general. 

Stream/download here: http://ffm.to/heartthrob

What kind of mood are you trying to portray with Heartthrob? I wanted to create something people could just vibe and chill to. I want listeners to get lost in the melodies and chords of the song.

Who are your musical influences? So I have tiered to this question! My original influences have always been Micheal Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. As a child, I was always captivated by their vocal style. Today, my influences are Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and John Legend.

Justin Garner Opens up and Speaks Music, Future Plans, Influences and more | Q&A SessionHow would you define your music? My music is a mix of soul and R&B, with mainstream appeal. My subject matter always relates to genuine emotions and real-life experiences. I make sure that the storytelling behind a song is relatable and honest to those in real life.

When do you feel the most inspired to create music? I feel most inspired to make music when I’m going through all phases of life; happiness, sadness, indifference. I think something special is always created from each of those moments.

How did you start recording music? Who inspired you to sing? I started recording music as a sophomore in high school. I can honestly say I wouldn’t dare let anyone hear those recordings (laughs). Over time, I started to identify my tone and then the vocal image of who I was musically. I’ve always been inspired by my late father, who passed when I was 2. He was also an instrumentalist, and the only thing was left to remember him by were old photos and vinyl of his soul band, the Rockin’ Imperials. Being only two years old, his memories are a mystery, so in my musical journey, I try to document as much as possible so that my children will be able to have tangible memories of me if something were ever to happen to me. Whew, that was a lot to unpack!
What are your future plans? My plans include a new project, it’s hush-hush, but as always, PLAYRNB gets the exclusive and a live-stream event on a much larger scale.
What do you wish to accomplish through your music? I just want to leave my musical footprint that shows people who I am and my contribution to music. Sometimes, the storytelling, the music, melodies, and vocals aren’t a priority in music. For me, it’s everything.
What special message would you like to say to your fans? Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the lovers out there. Enjoy this day. And ladies, let us pamper you today!

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