Rapper DaBaby cause Uproar at Rolling Loud Festival performance

Late Sunday, fans took to social media to complain about Rapper DaBaby’s nearly 1-hour performance; at the 2021 Rolling Loud festival in Miami, FL. During the performance, he revealed Tory Lanez disguised in custom. The Man accused of shooting Megan thee Stallion in the foot last year. 

Baby proceeded to play “Cash Shit,” the song he recorded with Megan, reports say. It was a provocative move to show support for Lanez, who is currently out on bail on felony assault charges.

He also goes on a bizarre homophobic rant claiming that people living with HIV/AIDS are “going to die in 2-3” weeks. His DJ continued, “Some of y’all niggas are suspect as a Muthafucka”.

Megan’s supporters weren’t haven’t it, and toward the end of his show, a fan sent an Adidas shoe flying toward the North Carolina rapper, head nearly hitting him.

 “Who the fuck threw that muthafuckin’ busted-ass, gotdamn Adida?”

Then, pointing at a person in the crowd, DaBaby continued “That’s you?”. “You the leader of the mosh pit? Then open that bitch up, nigga. ’Fore I come out there and do a front flip on y’all muthafuckin’ ass. Open that bitch up.”
“And don’t throw no more busted-ass shoes,” he added. The performance went viral and the backlash then ensued. Check out some of the comments below.

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