Did Sidney Starr confirm relationship with actor Darius McCrary? Read details here

EBONYNSWEET — Sidney Starr, socialite & reality star of Zeus Network “Baddies ATL,” shared on a recent Twitter post that she’s pretty close with former child star Darius McCrary known for his role as Eddie Winslow on “Family Matters.”

“Who said Eddie Winslow doesn’t have good taste in women like myself” she said. And continued it’s a “Powerful movement.”

Read her full Instagram post for more.

Here standing next to me is a seasoned legend Actor in this entertainment industry. @dariusmccrary . A black heterosexual male actor who’s standing aside a controversial transgender woman like myself.. We are great friends … and this is a powerful movement we have made to let this be a lesson to the WORLD that we are all human ! No matter what !!!! #Familymatters make sure y’all tune into @thezeusnetwork for baddies!!!

Fans was shocked by the news and within 24 hours they were a trending topic on Twitter. Read what some of the fans had to say below.
So, what do you think? Do you believe they are couple? Post your comment below.

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