Ruthless BET+ Season 2, Episode 17 - In the Woods

Ruthless Recap – Season 2 Episode 17 | In the Woods

Episode seven is titled “Into the Woods,” It begins with Oliver imprisoned in the punishment trailer, speaking to Zane. He’s trying to convince her to help him, Lacey, and Paula escape. The trio can feel the urgency of their dilemma and can all their sense impending deaths. Zane is hesitant but agrees to help them by retrieving a gun from a storage area the soldiers use to safeguard their weapons.

Zane managed to sneak unnoticed to a black SVU, the designated area where the guns are stored. She cautiously opened the passenger side door and saw dozens of handguns and raffles lying on the seats. Zane took one of the handguns and hid it inside her left boot. As she was about to leave to head back to the punishment trailer, she was stopped by a night watchman, questioning Zane on her suspicious activities. The soldier’s attitude swiftly changed the line of questioning to ask, “Do you find me sexy.” Feeling cornered, Zane played along and said, “Yes.” He continued to be highly flirtatious and tried to kiss her aggressively. She resisted but couldn’t hold him back for long. The soldier opened the back door of the SUV, pushed half her upper body inside, and proceeded to violently rape her from behind, being careful not to be seen. He nutted inside of her and quickly pulled up his pants. After he finished, she collected herself and made her way back to the punishment trailer, where she secretly handed off the gun to Oliver.

Elder Mother is one of the very few in The Highest’s inner circle that he confides in. He summoned, The Elder Mother to his trailer and sent away his private servants, so they may begin discussing his ills and woes of the coming war. He reveals to her that he has been speaking to the Rakumas. He can’t share all the details, but he can feel his time here on earth may end. He reiterated that the Raku must be ready at all times. And all must meet the rakumas when their time has come.

We finally get to hear more about The Highest’s horrid family background. He continues to explain to Mother Elder that his biological mother was a prostitute as a child, and she would have sex in front of him with “Dark Walkers,” known the raku as unrighteous men. He was also physically and sexually abused by these men and sold into prostitution by his mother.

Tally managed to evade capture thus far, leading after she escaped from the compound in episode 16. She ran for miles and sought refuge at “Herbert and Irene” home. Tally robbed the same elderly couple during the first episode last season by breaking into their truck and driving off, which Dkhan later returned. Frightened, Tally found a hide-out spot on Herbert’s patio and alerted by the noise, Herbert went outside to investigate and confronted her. She explained that she was in fear of her life and pleaded for help from the hunting party searching for her led by Dkhan. They hide Tally inside their home, and when Dakhan arrived, Herbert deflected him by denying any knowledge of her appearance. Dekhan left but knew Tally was hiding inside their residence. So, he left Clark behind to continue to stake out the home and capture Tally if she tried to make a run for it again.

Meanwhile, inside the home, Tally explains to her new saviors that Dkhan and other cult members are searching to find and kill her. Herbert called Sheriff Waker for help, knowing that he couldn’t protect her alone. Tally protested and said, she didn’t believe calling the Sheriff was a good idea; with the belief that he was allegedly working with the Raku. When the Sheriff arrived, Tally fleed the scene into the night because she didn’t trust him. Tally ran, Clark caught her, but she escaped hitting him over the head of a tree branch laying on the ground and she speed off with his motorbike.

River and Joan’s accelerated plans to raid the locked safe in the financial trailer are in full swing. They need the computer inside the safe, which has the data needed to steal millions of dollars from the Raku’s offshore banking accounts. Joan secured the master keys from Ruth and soon after met up with River to transfer the keys over to him. Joan warned River of the danger, but he decided to pursue the plans anyway. River was determined and maybe too confident that the plan would succeed. River snooked into the financial trailer and began to open the safe with the right keys.

At the same time, Dkhan has arrived back from the hunting party searching for Tally. Dkhan heard a strange noise and went to investigate. He found that the door was slightly open and instead of locked. He was deeply suspicious and walked inside to find River, trying to break into the safe.

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