Big Sean allegedly post fake nude on Instagram

Update: As we suspected. The Big Sean Photo was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The owner of the alleged photo posted on Big Sean’s Instagram page has stepped forward. His name is Caramel Papi an Adult Model. Check out his post below.

Original Post:

Early Saturday on Feb 26th, Big Sean caused a media storm when it appeared that he accidentally posted a nude photo on his Instagram page. However, we are very skeptical about the picture’s origin, and it wouldn’t be the first time the Wolves Rapper misled the public about his dick to get media coverage. The photo allegedly looks a lot like 18-year-old pornstar “Kofi,” aka Damiondayski. The question would be, why is Big Sean saving pics of other men’s man-parts on his phone? Hmmm

Take a look at the comparison below, and You be the judge. Sign-up for a free account, post a comment or visit our forum to voice your opinion.

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