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Bad Boys LA Recap: Episode 5—Bad Boy Beat Down

Welcome to Ebony N’ Sweet’s first recap coverage of the first season of Bad Boys Los Angeles! Soon, to be the flagship series of the Zeus Network. The Show’s cast includes viral sensations and reality stars; Mulian Christopher, 931 Baddie, Curtis Golden, William The Baddest, Gutta K, Kerrion Franklin, Relly B., Anthony Hernadez, and Moolah Moe.

Arguably one of the most anticipated shows of 2022, Bad Boys Los Angeles is chaotic, upbeat, and fun. There’s never a dull moment. The producers clearly understood the assignment and delivered a cast that could bring the drama. The Show’s target demographic is women between 18 and 45 and the Black LGBTQ Community. The show’s diverse cast clearly reflects the audience they’re here to serve.

However, if you’re into YouTube reality series, you may have noticed another show using the Bad Boys Club’s banner. The Show’s creator Karon Wilson first launched his version of Bad Boyz Club: Atlanta in 2016 through his production company Gemini Filmz. This copyright concern is probably why the Zeus Network dropped the word “Club” out of their title to avoid legal issues. 

For some, you may have gotten your first introduction to Gutta K on Gemini Filmz’s other popular series, The Come Up: Atlanta. Their YouTube channel generated over 11 million views and built a loyal audience in seven years. They served the blueprint that Zeus Network is now using and have proven successful. Now, lets get into Episode 5 Bad Boy….beat Down.

Mulian’s package has arrived filled with goodies bound to make all the fellas in the Bad Boys house gag. Mulian grabs Anthony, ecstatic to show off his international brand, complete with a dildo (authentic replica of his penis), Shower Mount, Fleshlight toy, lube, and a Pocket Pussy. Anthony looked on, impressed and a little flustered by the pure size of Mulian’s dildo.

Anthony questioned himself rather it would be weird to have sex with a dildo belonging to Mulian. But gurl, we all know he will be the first in line to use that toy in the shower tonight! Don’t front. He quipped, “It’s a nice size; I’m not knocking you.”

Mulian has no issues with people knowing he’s a bonafide freak. He launched an onlyfans page in 2018 and performed in a sex scene on the Signal23 web series About Him Season 3.

Sex toys aside, Mulian reveals they all have a full day ahead with a studio session to work on a new song. And Anthony confirms the invitation to the upcoming fashion event and that all the Bad boys are expected to participate.

Moolah Moe, Anthony Hernandez, Relly B, Kerrion Franklin, Gutta K, William the baddest, Curtis Golden, 931 Baddie, Mulian Christopher Mulian

Mulian gathered all the guys and headed onto the bus to make their way to the studio. Relly B was less than enthusiastic and didn’t care much for recording new music. But is he really just scared? We think he doesn’t want the fellas to expose him as the less talented one in the group. Relly B. gained notoriety from a viral video where he sings, “Where the money resides.” He also recorded a remix, so why now is he getting cold feet? Who Knows. 

Bad Boys Club LA ep 5

Mulian’s music connect, Producer Matt Cash, was waiting to meet the boys when they arrived at the posh, futuristic studio.

Moolah Moe had a suspect moment after meeting Cash, gushing about how nice he dressed later in his booth confessional. We think before the end of the season, Moolah might come out the DL Closest. Can we hope? Well, maybe not.

The guys wasted no time and quickly got to work and started listening to Cash’s beats. It seemed like everyone, minus Relly B., was engaging, vibing, and having fun. After Cash played a few beats, you could instantly recognize the winner, which would eventually become the Bad Boys LA theme song. Yes, this is the origin story, ladies and gentlemen.

Moolah Moe, Anthony Hernandez, Relly B, Kerrion Franklin, Gutta K, William the baddest, Curtis Golden, 931 Baddie, Mulian Christopher Mulian

Mulian leaped ahead of everyone, being the first to step into the studio booth. Mulian is a major control freak, which didn’t go unnoticed by Anthony and Gutta K. They stepped outside with Relly B. and had a tiny sidebar to discuss the rising tension in the group.

Gutta K, Moolah Moe, and Curtis laid down their verses. But curiously, Despite Kerrion’s background in the music industry. He didn’t get a chance to contribute much to the session.

He was born into music royalty as the son of 22 times Grammys Award-Winning and Platinum-selling artist Kirk Franklin. He also attended Grammy writing sessions for songwriters and was credited as a producer on several projects.

Moolah Moe, Anthony Hernandez, Relly B, Kerrion Franklin, Gutta K, William the baddest, Curtis Golden, 931 Baddie, Mulian Christopher Mulian

After being in the studio for hours, dealing with Mulian’s Bossy behavior, Kerrion finally confronted him, and their argument ensured, which became very heated. The two threw insults at each other; sensing things could worsen, Kerrion stepped outside to collect himself and clam down.

Moolah Moe, Anthony Hernandez, Relly B, Kerrion Franklin, Gutta K, William the baddest, Curtis Golden, 931 Baddie, Mulian Christopher Mulian

Anthony followed behind Kerrion to get down to the bottom of his issues with Mulian. Ultimately, he feels that Mulian is a studio hog, too controlling and not allowing the rest of the members to contribute to the song. Mulian is too quick to dismiss his feedback and expertise from the music industry, Kerrion believes. And I would have to agree with Kerrion; he is a valuable asset in this scenario. So, why not use him? All the studio sessions he had with his famous father over the last 20 years count for something, does it? Anthony convinced Kerrion not to give up and look at the bigger picture. He was able to get Kerrion to calm down and come back inside to finish the session. But his issues with Mulian are not over yet.

As the producer leaves the session due to other obligations, Mulian soon realizes that Cash didn’t save their work. However, Kerrion having previous experience with studio software didn’t believe the task could be that hard. After he said he could review a short tutorial video on YouTube to learn all the steps, Bossy Mulian dismissed his ideas yet again. And Kerrion wasn’t haven’t it.

Being even more fed up, Kerrion began to throw homophobic insults toward Mulian. But Mulian didn’t back down. Gutta K and the rest of the guys were unbothered. They were more focused on finishing their song than arguing at that moment. As the fighting continued, Kerrion stood up and walked closer to Mulian. Mulian felt threatened and picked up a liquor bottle and warned Kerrion he would use it as a weapon if he tried again.

The Show’s producers and security intervened to calm down the situation. Regardless of all the shenanigans, Anthony was able to lay down his vocals for the track. At this point, Moolah Moe totally checked out. He just sunk quietly in the corner and stayed out of it. This time Mulian stepped out of the studio to calm down. And Again, Anthony is trying to play peacemaker. The group’s tension is a concern because the night is still far from over. The fellas were ready to leave and go to the next destination, the fashion show.

Kerrion separated from the rest of the group as arguing with Mulian spilled out into the parking lot. Kerrion decided to ride to the next event alone and meet the guys there. We will have to wait till Sunday, April 24th, to find out what happens next.

So, What do you think? Who was in the wrong? Are you team Mulian or Team Kerrion? Sound OFF! Let us know in the comment section below and visit our forum.

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