Joey Kirb Music Video "I Wanna Flex"

Joey Kirb “I Wanna Flex” Official Music Video

“I Wanna Flex” is about how the only real FLEX is being able to confidently be ourselves. Normally “flexing” is centered around the material things we acquire even if we couldn’t necessarily afford them. If we rely on material things to be the source of our flex then we’ll always be seeking external validation. Now if we flex by confidently being ourselves then nothing outside of our being can derail us. I (Joey) really have been doing everything I can to authentically express myself. The old Joey couldn’t wait for designer clothes, foreign whips, & flashy jewelry but as I grow & connect with myself deeper I’m finding the things that really matter to me like relationships, being in nature, creating, & spreading love. It just so happens that the more my love for myself grows the less I’m worried about what I’m wearing or what kind of car I drive. I wanna flex but I’ve been flexing through every step of my progression of thy self.

Joey Kirb


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