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O’Ryan Onlyfans Review

New Update: 8/09/22

Here’s the update: The first 30 days of my onlyfans subscription are nearly over. Since July 2st, O’Ryan has completed four additional nude shower shows. During each Live Broadcast, he showed his full-face, body, dick, and ass. I”m generally pleased with his content strategy, and I have no serious complaints.

Sex scenes and solo masturbation videos are the two biggest sellers on Onlyfans, But other forms of adult entertainment are also enjoyable to watch.

For O’Ryan, he believes in staying true to himself. Instead of competing with pornstars, he wants to give the fans an inside look at his daily life. For your subscription, you will chat with him directly during his live shows, see him taking showers, working out, and get a behind-the-scenes look at his studio sessions and photo shoots.

Our final score is 4.3 out of 5 stars, an excellent rating.

New Update: 7/20/22

O’Ryan performed two nude Shower shows on July 18th and today on July 20th. The average duration of each show is 35 minutes, giving the audience plenty of viewing time. He usually gets naked around the halfway mark and remains nude until the end.

O’Ryan also listened to his subscribers and resent the deleted video from his first live broadcast to their DMs, which means he showed full nudity during three live shows, including a PPV jerk-off scene and oil video. The Jerk-off scene needed much improvement. He filmed the video in the dark under poor lighting conditions. We gave him our feedback and expect him to use our advice on his next attempt.

We see a more precise direction as he continues to grow and gets the hang of it. 

Here’s how we score him now:

Level of Explicitness: ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5
Development: ⭐⭐⭐ 3/5

We increased his average score to 4.3 from 3.8 points with the improvements. We will be back for another update as soon as new information becomes available. Stay tuned.

Original Post: July 13, 2022

The stars are aligning and shining brightly on O’Ryan. The 35 year-old singer, now DJ, is the younger brother of Omarion the lead singer of B2K. But you might not know that he’s an accomplished artist himself.

In 2004, at 17 yrs old, he released his debut self-titled album on Universal Motown Records. His album entered the Billboard Top 200 Album chart and #21 on the R&B Albums Chart. The same year, he performed the lead single “Take It Slow” on the iconic Soul train stage. Watch his full performance below.

Anything you want, Let me put you on, Gotta make you mine tonight. We can take it slow, slow or anything you want. Whatever’s on your mind tonight.

Take it Slow – O’Ryan

Since then, he has traveled the world and molded himself to be a top DJ, playing in front of crowds of tens of thousands of people. He also had a relationship with Ex R&B Diva Jhene Aiko and share a daughter.

Recently, O’Ryan appeared on the Bad Moms Bad Choices podcast to discuss many topics ranging from his celebrity crush to his favorite sexual position. The hostess ironically asked him, “Do you watch porn,” He said no, and the host followed up by asking, Do you have an Onlyfans? He reluctantly answered, saying he does have a personal collection of videos. Watch the interview starting at the 17:12 mark.

It seemed like the conversation sparked his curiosity because he launched his onlyfans page a few weeks later.

Several celebrities have stepped onto the onlyfans platform and released pornography, like artists Lil Pump, Soulja Boy, Kid Buu, MechieSoCrazy, MTV Reality Stars Malcolm Drummer & Nelson Thomas, and many more. And history suggests there will be no adverse impact to their career, especially for musicians. The financial gain far outweighs any unforeseen fears. In 2022, O’Ryan has the potential to be one of the highest-paid adult black male models of the year. I think it’s worth giving it a try.

Critic Consensus ✒️
Keeping the vibes upbeat and fun, he set the tone early. He seems enthusiastic and happy to have a new way of connecting to his fans.

He primarily uploaded G-rated to R-rated content thus far, shirtless, showing off his fantastic physique.

He appeared on three live broadcasts that ran over 1-hour per show. There was a 4th Live broadcast where he performed nude, a shower show; unfortunately, O’Ryan deleted the video soon after it leaked on social media on June 11th. Many of his fans were angered but showed their support and encouraged him to continue; one fan wrote, “Please don’t let that desperate bitch who leaked your content for attention take you away from us. We love interacting with you and this past week was amazing.” End Quote

Our Conclusion
Leaks can be annoying, but it’s simply part of doing business. There are all kinds of leaks online, such as video games, music, movies, and tv shows. It’s nothing personal; he should organize and create a content and pricing strategy to be fairly compensated for his work. For example, pay-per-view videos ranging from $15 to $20 are less likely to leak than a one-price fit-all approach. He should also launch an X-rated Twitter page to post his preview clips to capitalize on the social media engagement.

He needs to take control and use his powers as the copyright owner to remove any uploaded unauthorized content. However, we believe short video clips of less than 60-seconds cause no actual harm. It works as good promotion. The fans need to see a preview to know what he offers. He can’t treat it as a secret. After all, it is a business that’s available to the public. So, O’Ryan needs to get comfortable with nudity very quickly.

We saw the same initial struggles with a similar artist MechieSoCrazy in 2020. It took him nearly six months to get used to the idea of producing adult content, but once he did. He soared like an eagle! He had the same worries about it affecting his music career, but it hasn’t. It seems like male artists, in particular, don’t receive much judgment. We hope O’Ryan has the same growth but reaches his comfortability levels sooner.

We will keep monitoring his progress and keep you updated in the next few weeks! Check out our ratings below. And if you liked this review, please register for a free profile. You’d be glad that you did! Did you subscribe? Tells us what you think, post a comment or visit his topic in our forum here. For more of O’Ryan visit https://onlyfans.com/oryanoryan

Special Note: This is not the final score! We will continue to update his ratings, once per week till our 30-day subscription expires. The chart below is best viewed on a tablet, desktop pc or mac.

FrequencyOn average, his page has been updated once per day since July 5th. 5/5 rating
Video QualityVideos are filmed in 720p, 1080p resolution, or higher. Live streams are reduced in quality, but that’s a sitewide issue with onlyfans servers.5/5 rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cinematography SkillsUnderstands good filming techniques: stabilizing the camera with a tripod or stand and using good lighting. Displays full-body and face. However, it needs improvement to provide better viewing angles.4/5 rating
Fitness LevelSmooth Athletic physique and in good health.5/5 rating
CommunicationAnswers DMs in a timely fashion and speaks directly to the fans during live broadcasts.5/5 rating
ExplicitnessThere are no nude photos, masturbation, or sex scenes. However, he did live-stream a 37-minute shower show but later deleted it.1/5 rating
Acceptance LevelVery kind and personable with fans. LGBTQ Friendly.5/5 rating
DevelopmentCurrently, he’s a beginner and undecided on how he will balance his celebrity status with the Adult Industry. He has some decisions to make, and it’s unclear if he will take onlyfans seriously. There is a lot of room for growth.1/5 rating

Overall Rating: 3.8 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐
Above Average Score

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