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Chris EuBank Jr responds to Jake Paul’s diss on Twitter

Boxing Star Chris Eubank Jr. and YouTuber Jake Paul got into a Twitter beef this morning when Jake criticized Eubank Jr.’s negotiations on his upcoming fight with 21-0, Ben Conner. In the Tweet, Jake Paul said, “Connor Benn dirty because he doesn’t want Chris Eubank to have a massive size advantage fight now?” Read the full tweet below.

The Mirror reports Eubank Jr and Conner have been delayed negotiating the rehydration clause in their contract and have agreed to fight at a catch weight of 156 pounds. Eubank responded, challenging Paul to a fight. “Yo @jakepaul, once I deal with Benn & you take care of Rahman, how about me & you go a couple of rounds.”

Jake Paul hasn’t responded yet, but he’s known for setting himself up with smaller fighters he believes he can knock out. So we know Jake won’t take Eubank up on his offer. He will continue to play it safe like a coward. But we would love to see Eubank Jr. Show Jake Paul what a real fighter looks like in the ring.

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