FBOY Island Co-Stars Kyland and Elijah called out Mercedes “House hated him”

Ousted Islanders Kyland and Elijah have been spilling behind-the-scene secrets about their time in the FBoy House, some naughty and some nice.

Kyland (24) and Elijah, 23, have become best pals during their short time together on the show. In the second season of HBO Max’s FBoy Island Host, Nikki Glaser returned with three new girls hoping to find love. The show comes with a twist. The ladies have to shift through their potential suitors of 12 “Nice guys” and 12 “FBoys.” The end goal is to win the $100,000 reward. The ladies must pick carefully, or they might walk away broke without finding the man of their dreams.

They discussed a wide variety of topics, including this season’s villain “Mercedes.” Mercedes asserted his dominance early on the show and directly competed with Kyland for the love and affection of Louise. However, we were cheated out of the rivalry of the century when Kyland was kicked off the show. In Episode 5, Austin broke the “bro code” and snitched to Louise about Kyland’s “Kissing Booth” comments. Mercedes celebrated his departure as a significant win.

Watch the full Q/A Session Below: At 6:33 Elijah says, “Everybody did hate him (Mercedes) on the show.” And Kyland confirms, “That was Facts, everybody really did hate him.”

Things got somewhat tense. However, Kyland has since claimed the two have worked out their differences. Luckily for you ladies, Kyland is already taken, So the possibility of the two teaming up together would have made a dangerous duo! We must admit that we thought Kyland was one of the “Nice Guys.” In real life, I’m sure he is.

If you need to catch up, binge-watch the first six episodes on HBO MAX. To discuss your favorite Nice Guy or FBoy, Visit our forum here.

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