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Kelis Blasts Beyonce “It’s disrespectful, She should have reached out”

The two-time Grammys Award Nominee, and former wife of Rap Legend Nas, Kelis, voiced her displeasure after fans alerted her that Beyonce will sample her hit record “Milk Shake” on her upcoming album Renaissance.

“From one artist to another, You should have the decency and the common sense and the courtesy to call, reach out.”


Kelis released her statement explaining her stance in a series of Instagram videos. She speaks about her former producer, Pharrell Williams, predatory business practices in the music industry, and Beyonce’s Hypocrisy about Women’s Empowerment. Watch below.

Anything negative concerning the “Homecoming” singer will always provoke the Beehive. Kelis became a trending topic in hours. Many of the comments were endlessly bashing Kelis as expected. However, some fans had a more mature response to the dilemma.

Kelis remained unfazed, followed up with another video, and doubled down on her initial comments.

Beyonce’s devoted cult followers may choose to ignore her lousy history in dealing with sampling the copyrighted work of other creatives, but this isn’t the first time the R&B diva tested her limitless. Back in 2019, Nola reported Messy Mya’s Estate filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit claiming “Formation and “Lemonade” used the voice of the late Rapper without permission. Mya’s Estate eventually settled the case out of court. However, those details were never disclosed.

In the end, we believe Kelis will get that phone call. If we know anything about Queen B, she doesn’t like bad publicity.

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