Inmates protest inhumane treatment at New Orleans Parish

The New Orleans parish sheriff refuses to offer Black inmates food and water during a standoff.

WVUE reports, Protesting the inhumane conditions inside the parish Jail; inmates created a barrier denying access to their living quarters in Block 2E. They claimed they were locked in their cell for 20 hours a day, and some hadn’t had their time in court for several months.

While questioned by Fox 8 News, Sheriff Susan Hutson, who works at the jail, steered away from questions regarding the standoff yet described the situation as a “peaceful demonstration.” Yet, neighbors living by the facility claimed their heard inmates were screaming and pleading for their lives during the overnight hours.

In 2015, The inmates was moved from the old facility to the current location. But the city has since halted plans to expand its services to help prisoners with medical and mental health issues. It was also reported that inmates would typically get no supervision.

Since the new facility opened, several deaths and violent incidents have occurred. A group called NOCOP (New Orleans for Community Oversight of Police) is lending its support. And have created a list of demands like Ending solitary confinement, reducing preventable deaths, and creating educational programs.

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