Rapper Kid Buu breaks silence, Claims Sauce Walka Lied About Deadly Shooting

Miami Rapper Kid Buu, also known as Elijah Valentine, broke his silence after being criticized online for posting a video clip on Instagram of a gun shot victim lying dead after his alleged encounter with Sauce Walka.

The “Ghetto Gospel” rapper posted a video online after the alleged encounter, claiming a man tried to snatch his chains during an robbery attempt while visiting Los Angeles.

Kid Buu has opposite tellings of the events. Where he says he first met Walka two blocks away, walking in the opposite direction from where the shooting occurred. The two exchanged pleasantries, where Walka explained he was in town to film a Rap Freestyle Sypher for BET.

After running into Walka, Buu continues to walk where the altercation eventually occurred. In broad daylight, a fight happened between two men, where one would lose their life. But Walka was nowhere near the scene of the crime.

However, Within the area, word spread about the shooting. And later that evening, Kid Buu spoke to Walka again, this time by phone. In their conversation, Buu must have told Walka about the crazy moment, or he may have already heard. But somewhere, Buu told Walka he had recorded a video of the victim and sent it to him.

Kid Buu says He didn’t know Walka would use the video with malicious intent and believed he wanted to view the video out of curiosity.

Buu continues, “This guy (victim) was not a bad person, first of all, from what I heard from the family, he attended college, a business owner, and a lady’s man”.

Watch the full video below.

If true, Walka’s use of the unfortunate incident to paint himself as a gangsta is absolutely disgusting. It wouldn’t be the first time a rapper tried to gain street cred through lies and deceit.

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