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Will Andrew Wiggins Return to the Warriors for the Playoffs?

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Warriors, and General Manager Bob Myers have not provided an estimated timeline for Andrew Wiggins’ return to the team. Wiggins left the team earlier this month after his trade from Minnesota was finalized.

Coach Steve has said there is no rush to bring him back in time for their first game after the All-Star break. When asked about a potential return, General Manager Bob stated that they are currently working on it and that there is yet to be a definite answer. With Wiggins being an established star in this league, he will likely find his way back into

Golden State’s lineup soon enough. Until then, all eyes remain on coach Steve and GM Bob as they continue to work towards getting Wiggins back on board with the Warriors as quickly as possible. The final night of the regular season NBA action saw a few pivotal moments that will determine how the playoff seeding ends up. The Golden State Warriors were battling with the Houston Rockets and Antonio Spurs for positioning in the playoffs. With Andrew Wiggins missing from production, it could be difficult for them to get to the championship without him. What was once thought impossible is now within reach – can they pull off a championship without Andrew Wiggins? It’s certainly possible, but it’s far from certain. With only one game left on their regular season schedule, it’s hard to predict how things will play out in the playoffs if he doesn’t return.

As we head into what could be an exciting postseason for NBA fans everywhere, all eyes remain on whether or not Andrew Wiggins will return as part of the Golden State Warriors team. Will he make his presence felt in time for them to make a run at another championship?

The Warriors have been without Andrew Wiggins since February, and the team has had difficulty rebounding from his departure. Without Wiggins, the team has struggled to get into last year’s playoff form. With five rebounds per game, he is one of the essential parts of the Warriors’ lineup—but will he return for the playoffs? Many believe that without Andrew Wiggins, Golden State would not be able to reach its full potential and win another championship.

The Warriors still have superstar Steph Curry, but they need both of their best players to reach their full potential. He was acquired at a high price when they traded D’Angelo Russell away last season, and expectations were high for him right away. While some people may think that Curry is still enough to carry them over on his own, it would be beneficial for them to have both of their best players on board if they want a chance at making it to back-to-back championships this year.

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