The Music Scene is Brightened by Jawson Dill's Rising Star

The Music Scene is Brightened by Jawson Dill’s Rising Star

Jawson Dell is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Colorado but currently calls the Windy City home. His family played various music genres, such as Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Soul, The Blues, Rock, and Reggae, which gave him the perfect foundation and influenced his musical taste. As a child, he had an affinity for music, starting to play the violin in his school orchestra at eight years old. Jawson continued playing the violin his entire life but had always seen singing as his true passion. Despite not being much of a choir boy, he still taught himself to sing by regularly practicing and recording simple jingles. To take it one step further, he began taking vocal lessons in college to polish up his techniques and foster growth as an artist.

Once in the new city, Jawson began going to jam sessions and befriending other musicians. His already present love for songwriting and storytelling was only fueled more by this experience. He usually starts his process with the melody, moving on to the lyrics, after which he crafts the instrumentation around it. First and foremost, his songs are vocally driven, and his masterful blend of RnB, Funk, Blues, Alternative Rock, Soul, and Jazz forms a unique sonic palette for each piece. Jawson has been making waves since he released his debut single, “Movin On,” back in Spring 2021. Writing Movin On in an airport during the pandemic didn’t slow him down and since then he has released two more original tracks. Not content to stay in one place, Jawson has been performing at various venues and even headlined his show in the Fall of 2022! His hard work and dedication are paying off.

He’s promoting his latest single, “Windows Apart,” in collaboration with James Waves, is about the precipice of love. With groove undertones, the melody is singable and catchy. It speaks to the unspoken tension before indulging.

Jawson is a Renaissance man – he not only creates an eclectic mix of alt-RnB, but he also has a passion for the outdoors and cooking. His unique sound gives you a revitalizing experience, expanding your musical taste and knowledge.

If you’re looking for some soulful vibes, then look no further! Follow @jawsondell IG and join the journey as he share his music, outdoor adventures and cooking skills.

Stream or Download “Windows Apart” Here

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