Fandex and NBA Stars Unite, Giving Fans a Chance to Invest in their Heroes

Fandex and NBA Stars Unite, Giving Fans a Chance to Invest in their Heroes


Fandex, the pioneering stock exchange that enables fans to purchase virtual shares in their favorite teams and players, is proud to announce today its new partnerships with NBA stars Spencer Dinwiddie, Donte DiVincenzo, Sam Hauser, Cameron Payne, and Jericho Sims. Now, Fandex users can gain access to exclusive stock information and trade virtual shares in these players, granting them unique insights into their careers and enabling them to more actively engage with their favorite sports heroes. “As a leading patent-pending technology platform in the rapidly growing sports iGaming space, Fandex is pleased to welcome Spencer, Donte, Sam, Cameron, and Jericho, who are all currently active NBA stars.

Adding these young, talented, tech-savvy investors and advisors will fuel Fandexs growth trajectory through our growing platform and gaming offerings. We could not be happier having an all-star “in-house” team. All new investors will bring a strategic component and be Fandex Ambassadors.

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets, Guard — The Brooklyn Nets are looking for an impact player who can make an impact in their own right. Dinwiddie, DiVincenzo, Houser, Payne, and Sims would help with strategy, while Fandex is the major player. The five new investors will also help with marketing campaigns and offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

About Fandex: Fandex is the first ever trading platform for fans to buy and sell virtual shares in their favorite teams and players across more than 12 sports, 24/7/365, both in season and off, and adding more marks all the time. Since 2018, Fandex has been pioneering this new form of fantasy sports/gambling and has been designated as “a skill-based game.” Fandex is the first fantasy sports stock exchange to protect the intellectual property rights of teams and players worldwide.

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