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Meijer Amplifies Supplier Diversity with a Black Business Month Summit

An inclusive platform to showcase your brand’s reach and expand market exposure

As part of an unwavering commitment to supplier diversity, Meijer, a renowned Michigan-based retailer, has announced it will be hosting a Black Business Month Summit on August 16, 2023. The Summit aims to generate lucrative opportunities and forge beneficial connections between Black business owners and Meijer merchants.

The event, coordinated by the Meijer Supplier Diversity Team, will take place at Meijer’s corporate headquarters in Grand Rapids. Carla Hendon, Director of Supplier Diversity at Meijer, shared that the primary goal of the Summit is to underscore the noteworthy accomplishments and economic influence of Black entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Summit presents a unique platform for participating Black vendors to exhibit the quality and value of their products directly to Meijer buyers. The preparatory phase includes a virtual mentorship call on July 17, designed to equip vendors with the necessary insights to excel at the event. On the day of the Summit, vendors will be given an opportunity to set up in-person booth displays, facilitating direct engagement with Meijer merchants. They will also receive dedicated time slots for one-on-one meetings to pitch products, clarify queries, and gain immediate feedback.

The invitation to attend the Summit extends beyond current U.S. vendors, encompassing potential suppliers and burgeoning vendors eager to widen their brand’s reach into larger Meijer stores. Black-owned businesses that manufacture or grow retail-ready products can register by July 14, signifying an encouraging call to action for those seeking broader market exposure.

Meijer, which operates over 500 supercenters, neighborhood markets, and Express locations across six states, is known for its progressive approach towards inclusive vendor relationships. Since its inception in 1934, the company has consistently expanded its offerings to meet diverse consumer needs, ranging from fresh produce to comprehensive apparel departments, garden centers, toys, and electronics.

By hosting the Black Business Month Summit, Meijer reinforces its commitment to a more inclusive and equitable supply chain, positioning Black-owned businesses to showcase their distinct products to a larger audience. This event, marking an essential step in supplier diversity, contributes to the company’s mission of being more than just a retailer, but an integral part of the communities it serves.

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