Just Blaze and Katty Customs Unveil Fresh Pair Season Two on UPROXX

UPROXX’s Original Series, Fresh Pair, Returns with Customized Sneakers and Deep Dive Conversations with Hip-Hop Icons

Music and fashion collide in an exciting fusion as UPROXX’s hit original series, Fresh Pair, returns for a second season. The season’s first episode is now live on UPROXX Video’s YouTube channel and Uproxx.com, and will soon be streaming on WMX Hip-Hop on The Roku Channel (Ch. 1137).

The series has Grammy Award-winning hip-hop producer Just Blaze and renowned sneaker customizer, Katty Customs, returning as co-hosts. They bring you a deeper dive into the world of hip-hop culture through thoughtful conversations with some of its biggest icons, including the likes of Bun B, Ice Cube, and Rick Ross.

Fresh Pair maintains its unique format that fans have come to love and anticipate. A custom-designed, one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers serves as the “script” for each interview. Inspired by the featured guest’s persona, Just and Katty meticulously design a pair of shoes that embody the guest’s style and journey. As the shoes are revealed, the duo guides us through the detailed inspiration behind each design element, weaving in fascinating narratives about the guests’ careers, personal journeys, and their passion for sneaker culture and streetwear.

Just Blaze shares, “One of the most compelling things about hip-hop as a genre is the sense of walking in an artist’s shoes through their storytelling and art.” He adds that Fresh Pair’s second season aims to deliver exactly what fans seek across culture – emphasizing music, style, and the stories of some of the biggest names in the game.

Echoing Blaze’s sentiment, Katty Customs adds, “Fresh Pair challenges us in the best way. We dive deep into the culture to conceptualize, design, and create personal classics for our guests.” The series has already carved a niche for itself in the hearts of fans and critics alike, and with season two, it aims to take it to the next level.

The series launched earlier this year with a multi-night takeover of Native Hostel, presented by 12 Rivers Realty and Brass Lion Entertainment. The event culminated with a special live taping of Fresh Pair with Bun B of the legendary Houston rap duo UGK, which is now available to stream on UPROXX.com and the UPROXX Video YouTube channel. Upcoming episodes, including one featuring Ice Cube, will be released in the coming months and will also be available to stream on WMX Hip Hop on The Roku Channel.

Stay tuned for more updates and to learn about Fresh Pair season two’s star-studded guest lineup on UPROXX.com.

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