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Rise Up NYC: A Summer of Unity and Music Across the Five Boroughs

Mayor Eric Adams announces the return of ‘Rise Up NYC’ concert series, fostering unity and cultural celebration

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently announced the return of the community-oriented ‘Rise Up NYC’ concert series. Now in its second season, the series aims to create a musical mosaic across all corners of the city, fostering a spirit of unity and cultural celebration. Offering eight free concerts from July 19 through August 20, the series is set to feature acclaimed artists and is open to all New Yorkers.

The ‘Rise Up NYC’ initiative emerged from a desire to bring the city together through a shared love of music and the arts. Music, with its power to heal, unite, and inspire, has always been a lifeline for the city. The concert series aims to echo this sentiment by creating spaces for New Yorkers to gather, engage, and enjoy top-notch performances.

A Musical Journey Across the Boroughs

The series will kick off on July 19 and will continue through August 20, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy world-class entertainment across all five boroughs:

  1. Brooklyn’s Wingate Park – July 19 and July 20
  2. Staten Island’s Midland Beach Parking Lot 8 – July 27
  3. Bronx’s Orchard Beach – August 10
  4. Queens’ Roy Wilkins Park – August 16 and August 17
  5. Manhattan’s St. Nicholas Park – August 19 and August 20

The lineup includes rhythm and blues singer K. Michelle, Stokley, Caribbean artist Farmer Nappy, and celebrity DJ Funk Flex among others.

Aside from the concerts themselves, the ‘Rise Up NYC’ initiative also emphasizes supporting local communities and small businesses near the concert venues. It aims to provide a platform for local artists and promote nonviolent solutions to conflicts, especially among young New Yorkers.

Mayor Adams invites all New Yorkers to join in and experience the vibrant energy of the city through these shared musical gatherings. In the words of Ingrid Lewis-Martin, Chief Advisor to the Mayor, “Together we can rise up!” For more details and updates about the concert series, the ‘Rise Up NYC’ website is the place to visit.

The ‘Rise Up NYC’ concert series, set amidst the backdrop of a city known for its vitality and resilience, is an opportunity to celebrate the unity, culture, and diverse musical heritage of New York City. This summer, music becomes the thread that binds New Yorkers together, offering not only entertainment but also a sense of community in a city that truly never sleeps.

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