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Minnesota Timberwolves Star Anthony Edwards Mocked members of the LGBTQ Community

Former Georgia Bulldogs and Minnesota Timberwolves Guard Anthony Edwards (21) exposed himself as a homophobic bigot in a now-deleted Instagram post that went viral this past Sunday.

Soon after, Edwards tweeted a half-ass, insincere apology; I'm sure his handlers wrote.

It could be unfair to ask Adam Silver, the first openly gay man in history, to hold such a powerful position in a sport dominated by heterosexual men; To comment on every issue involving its players. But in this instance, I believe it's necessary. The NBA Commissioner should make an example of Edwards and suspend him for at least one game this upcoming 22-23 season. There is a precedent, in 2015, Sliver suspended Rajon Rondo for one gay for allegedly directing a gay slur at Referee Bill Kennedy. The Timberwolves should also fine Edwards and donate the money to the Ryan White Program in Minneapolis. It's a small gesture, but it's an important one. 

There are no "gatekeepers" in the LGBTQ Community that can speak for everyone. But it would help if Edwards aligned himself with an anti-hate group to educate himself on how hurtful his words can cause a community that's already suffering. 

I would also caution the media to have restraint in labeling the group of individuals Edwards targeted in the video. We don't know how that group of men self-identifies. Not all gay people refer to themselves as "Queer."

As expected, Edwards's comments have drawn a lot of criticism. Read some of the reactions below.

Edwards has a lot of growing up to do. Hopefully, he can learn from this situation and move forward with meaningful change, not just with words but with action.