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Detroit’s Youth Employment Program Sets New Record with 8,546 Participants

Involving Detroit’s Youth: Summer Program Engages Young Residents in 21 City Departments

Detroit’s Deputy Mayor Todd Bettison, alongside City Council members, employers, and funding partners, recently initiated this year’s Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) summer jobs program. The event was attended by Detroit’s youth and other supporters, representing the ninth year of this initiative that seeks to provide meaningful employment opportunities to young residents.

This year’s program features 8,546 participants aged 14-24, marking the largest number since the inception of GDYT in 2015. This development signifies the program’s expansion over time, fulfilling its commitment to nurturing the city’s youthful workforce.

Bettison highlighted the contribution of GDYT in equipping the city’s youth with necessary life skills to compete effectively in the workforce. Reflecting on the program’s impact, he celebrated the creation of its 70,000th summer job experience, marking a significant milestone in the history of GDYT.

City Council President Mary Sheffield reiterated her support for GDYT, citing numerous success stories of interns she personally worked with who used their GDYT experience to launch successful careers in various sectors and industries. Sheffield emphasized that GDYT has been transformational for students, employers, and partners, providing an enriching environment for all.

One key feature of this summer’s GDYT program is the direct engagement of nearly 90 participants in 21 City of Detroit departments. Council Member Mary Waters stated that GDYT fosters essential qualities such as work ethic, emotional intelligence, and career development, allowing young Detroiters access to internships and opportunities previously unattainable.

This year, Marygrove Conservancy will host dozens of Detroit youth working with Be-Moor Radio, where they will learn broadcasting, audio, and other technical skills. Dennis Talbert, CEO of Be-Moor Radio, expressed his enthusiasm for GDYT 2023 and praised the program for its significant impact on the community.

The successful implementation of GDYT owes much to its partnership with Connect Detroit and the support from various funding partners, including Citizens, which has been a consistent backer of the program for nine years. Citizens has not only provided funding but also volunteered hours teaching financial empowerment to over 1,000 Detroit youth.

Misty Evans, Director of Program Operations for GDYT, stressed the importance of these opportunities in preparing future leaders for rapidly evolving technological environments. She underscored the continued efforts of GDYT in developing partnerships to expose Detroit’s youth to potential future careers.

This year’s GDYT career experiences will run until mid-August, continuing to provide critical summer work experiences and career pathways for Detroit’s young adults. The program is a testament to the city’s commitment to youth development, offering promising signs for the future of Detroit’s workforce.

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